Raw Honey jarRaw Honey jar
I recently purchased beautiful honey which which fits with my diet  (diabetic). Full marks to the bees who produced the product. I will be back for more.
Stanley WilsonIreland

This honey is from family run beekeeping business. They keep their hives on FARM LAND.
It is free from chemical residue, as the plants surrounding the hives have not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and the hives have not been treated with antibiotics. This helps protect the health of the bees and beekeeper.

Because it is only coarse strained our Raw Honey may contain harmless fragments of beeswax, propolis or small hive-debris.

This means you get the BEST TASTING and PUREST RAW honey!


  • 500g  for €6

If buying in bulk:
10 KG or more you’ll get discounts!

Additional information:

  • Multi-flower honey.
  • Country of origin is Lithuania (Europe)
  • Collected from: Linden tree, clover, raspberries and other crops.
  • Has no added sugars or other additives.